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V1-Driver is available in the Apple App Store.

Resources (Version 2.0)
V1 Driver App Store : This is V1-Driver in the App Store
V1 Connection App Store : This is Valentine Researches App for Configuring your V1
RDForum : Radar Detector Forum for support of V1-Driver
Bug Tracking : Bug Tracking on V1-Driver


Vortex Video : Youtube Video on by Vortex
Bogey Map Demo : Youtube Video showing how the Bogey Map works
Auto Learn/Unlearn Demo : Youtube Video showing how Auto Learn and Unlearn works
Instant Replay Demo : Youtube Video showing how Instant Replay works
Savvy GPS Learn Demo : Youtube Video showing how Savvy GPS Learn works

Other Resources

Vortex Radar : Vortex Radar site has a wealth of information on counter measures

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